It’s name comes from “Rhizios” given in the vicinity of the city due to the abundant rice cultivation in the region or “Rhizaion” given in later periods. In the 7th century, the Miletus started with the voyages of the marines. During this period, the Miletians established commercial settlements on the shores of the Eastern Black Sea. Later, the area was visited by the Kimmer, Med, and Persian raids. In the 1st century, the Parthians took possession for 10 years, after then the city entered under the Roman domination. After the Sassanian and Byzantine Malazgirt War, starting from the 4th century, the region passed into the hands of the Turks. Some parts of Rize were added to the Ottoman lands in 1461 and other areas in 1509. Rize, occupied by Russians in World War I, was liberated on March 2, 1918 and became a provincial center in 1924.


Atatürk House Museum (Yellow House), Ethnography Museum, Rize Castle, Zil Castle, Kale-i Bala Kız Kalesi, Zeleki Castle, Islam Pasha Mosque, Ayder Plateau and Spa, Andon Drink, Ağaran Waterfall, Ayder Plateau, Çamlıhemşin- Lower and Upper Kavran Springs, Ikizdere-Anzer (BallıkÖy) Plateau Tourism Center, İkizdere-Çağırankaya Plateau and Elevit Plateau.