The region, which was bordered by the Hittites who dominated Anatolia, but outside the Hittite sovereignty, did not go to the dominance of the Phrygia and the Lydian states that shared the legacy of the Hittite State after it’s demise. However, Western Anatolian (Ionian) merchants, trade colonies settled here. Trabzon Greek Empire, established in 1204 after the Fourth Crusade, dominated these lands. Despite being independent, the territory of this empire, which was tangible to the Konya Seljuks, gradually narrowed. The region became a Turkish city by the continuous Turkmen immigration, passed under the administration of Hacıemedoğulları who founded the Canik Beylik in 1346. In 1391, the lands of the region were annexed by the Ottoman Empire by Yıldırım Bâyezîd Han. In 1402, Timur Han, who defeated Sultan Bâyezîd, gave the region again to the Haciemis. Fatih Sultan Mehmed Khan removed the Greek Pontus State from Trabzon in 1461 and added the entire region to the Ottoman State.


Etnografya Museum, Board Rock, Yason Cape, Central Mosque-Center, Çambaşı plateau, Aybastı-Perşembe plateau, Mesudiye-Keyfalan plateau, Yeşilce-Topçam plateau, Hoynat Castle and Ünye Castle.