Giresun port city was established as the Ionian (West Anatolian) colony, but the Ionian dominance did not go beyond the beach. In the 6th century Persians invaded. The Macedonian king Alexander was not able to capture this place. The Persian kingdom, which is Greek-speaking and Christianized (Orthodox), dominated this region, Northern Black Sea and Crimea. In spite of the resistance of Mithridates, sending the Roman army at Lucullus command in the twentieth century, the Pontic Kingdom was started to rule by the Roman Empire in the form of a province. At the end of the World War I, Giresun volunteer troops prevented the occupation of Giresun by the Russians.


Giresun Island, Giresun Castle, Catholic Church, Seyyit Vakkas Shrine, Kümbeti Plateau, Hanalam (Kulakkaya) Plateau, Melikli Obasi Plateau, Gogora Church and Museum, Kuva-yi Millîye and Osman Ağa Museum