Bolu was one of the regions attracting attention in every period of history. After the confusion in the Hittite Empire, Anatolian power balances changed. Prior to Phyrig and Bithynia, Koukones, Thyneur and Paphlagons constituted the first communities of this region. The Hellenes carried another culture and vision to Bolu. Hellenization took place during this period. The Tanzimat and Islahat practices found their setbacks in Bolu. Bolu was also the scene of administrative changes. On the occasion of the Greeks occupation of İzmir, meetings were organized parallel to the Redd-i Ilhak Society and the Entente States behind the Greeks were condemned. A possible Greek occupation was not experienced in Düzce and Bolu.


Yedigöller National Park, Kartalkaya, Healing Water and Sunnah Lake, Abant Lake, Gölcük, Gölköy dam, Antinoos Temple, Akşemseddin Tomb, Gazi Süleyman Pasha Mosque, Konuralp Roman Theater.