Sapanca; According to known written documents, when Phrygian scame to the region in B.C. 1200, Sapanca became a settlement place but it sreal foundation was in A.D. 378 by Bithynia Kingdom. Siphonensis Lacus name was firstly used in Laz resource in 391 for the first time. In the Eastern Roman Empire period, Buanes, Sofhan and Sofhange names were used.

During Ottoman term city take its name we evenuse today. Story is like this ‘’There is a bakery near the hamam. Adervish used to cook and bless a kind of white bread which is very famous with the name of Sabanca Somun. This bread does not gobad and lose it staste even after 40 days. It is so famous that they took it to the Persian Shah and he also liked it. So me says that it is due to the water that it is so delicious. There is also a village’’

Since Sapanca is closed to Istanbul and some other cities and has a wonderful lake and other green beauties, it is preferred for short time holidays. The tourism income is increasinge specially thanks to the touristic facilities around the lake. There are many holiday villages and summer houses in places like Maşukiye and Kırkpınar.

Another region that has developed recently is Kartepe which is the highest point in Samanlı Mountains and it is close to Maşukiye. By means of the new facilities here, winter tourism is also developing.