On the meeting point of two worlds, the ornament of Turkish homeland, the treasure of Turkish history, the city cherished by the Turkish nation, Istanbul, has it splace in the hearts of all citizens.”


Istanbul is the great city that any one in the World should visit atleast once in their life time, she has long Journey and has been witnessed a lot.

Istanbul was ruled first by My cenae (1400 BC),then Frigians and then Chalcedons who were a Greek people that settled in Ka dı köy.

The people of Megarathat had lived in this area since 800 BC established the first colonial city settlement under the leader,the By zantine Empire in sarayburnu. The people of Megara who we reruled by various tribes were included in the Byzantine Empire in 64 BC with the name By zantion. She has a lot of names; Byzantium,Constantinople,Kostantiniyye, The City,
Latin Empire, Islambol and finally.


Istanbul was cemented after the formation of the Republic of Turkey in 1923. However, it took a while before the city’s previous names be cameobsolete. Toen force the new name, all post agesst at inganyot her name were promptly returned to the sender after the 1930s. The name was not new, however, but rather a name used in common language before and during the Ottoman Empire. Etymologically, the name “İstanbul” can be translated to ‘in the city’.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Istanbul – like London, New York or Paris – is one of the world’s great cities. Superb lysituatedeither side of the blue ribbon of the Bosphorus Strait separating Europe from Asia it is, unlike any other city in the world, split between two continents.

We can give basically a lot of historical , culturel, social details about Istanbul but last week i read an artical about Istanbul and the rewas a sperationlike this ;

Why I Love Istanbul

  • Living History
  • Culinary Heritage
  • Art & Architecture
  • Local Life