Edirne is situated in the curve generated by the River Tunca just before merging with the River Meriç in the South-East of Balkan Peninsula called Thrace. Edirne, always being a significant center due to its location in the main route connecting Anatolia to Europe show edits major development in the era of Ottoman predominance. It can be thought that the development of the city was in fluenced negatively because of gaining a location of border city after the invasions faced since 19th century.

Edirne is known especially with its masterpiece mosques most important one is Selimiye Mosque built by Mimar Sinan, frie dliver we have turki shusing for really tasty food that you may eat your finger and fried liver in Edirne that you should defienetly try and taste even you have never try before & Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling tournament.

The name of Edirne can be identified with the traditional wrestling sport. The places where wrestling sports we reper formed outside the palaces were the fairs. The most important fair wrestling was Kırkpınar. The wrestling competition swhich are still held in Edirne’s Sarayiçi districte very year in the first week of July, maintain the old tradition. According to the tales, in the reign of Osman Bey, 40 veteran sold ierswho went to Rumeliawithprince Süley man Pash awrestled there and the history began with this event. Normally, while light weight wrestlers per form on the first two days, middle weight and heavy weight wrestlers do so on the lastday. The wrestlers wrestle in a tough way with oil pouredall over the irbodies and the wrestling is in accordance with the rules of the type. The champion is awarded with a golden belt and the one who holds the wrestling championship successively for three year sowns the gold belt for his entire life. One of the important characters of the Kır kpınar Oil Wrestling tournament is the announce rscalled ‘cazgır’ in Turkish. They introduce the wrestlers and pray fort hem. Announcers (cazgır) are mostly old wrestlers.

If you plan to come to Turkey at the end of the june or mid July and if you may see different sport festival, we will definetely add Edirne to your plan.