Bursa, a wonder of nature with it slakes, rivers, mountains, curative termal waters, large and fertile plains, and especially with its rich flora, is located in the northern-south of Anatolian peninsula, northern- west of the foots of Uludag mountain, and southern- east of Marmara Sea. It is the fourth biggest city of Turkey with its population exceeding 2,5 million.

Bursa, dazzling its visitors with the richness of its unique monuments belonging to By zantine and Ottoman periods, is one of the most important tourism cities of Turkey after Istanbul in terms of cultural tourism potential.

Bursa is beautiful place to visit after Istanbul, it might be small but there is really much to do there ;

Take the teleferik up Uludağ. In the winter time, Uludağ is a snowy winter wonder land. In the summer, the mountain is a cool, refreshing get away from the heat.

Visit Cumalıkızık and eat a village breakfast. Cumalıkızık is a wonderful Ottoman village just outside the city known for its cobblestone streets, quaint houses, and excellent village breakfasts.

Explore the down town bazaar area. Bursa’s sprawling, labyrinth central bazaar area is a fantastic place for shopping, eating, sipping tea, watching people, taking photos, experiencing the culture, interacting with locals, and wandering aimlessly. Koza Han and the Ulu Cami’i (Grand Mosque) are two highlights in the central bazaar area.

Visit a couple of the UNESCO World Heritage locations. Bursa’s UNESCO World Heritage listing consists of eight locations scattered around Bursa dating back to the 13th and 14th centuries. Inaddition to the village of Cumalıkızık, these site sinclude the tombs of Osman and Orhan Gazi and the first külliyes (religious and social complexes) of the Ottoman Empire. The Orhan Gazi külliye is integrated into the central bazaar area, while the Yıldırım, Muradiye, Hüdavendigar, and Yeşil külliye sarescattered around the city center. The area around the Yeşil külliye, consisting of a mosque, an ornatetomb, a madrasah-turned-museum, a soupkitchen, and a number of shops and cafés, is one of our favorites.

Window shop for souvenirs and hand made crafts. Looking for something neatto buy in Bursa? Visit the artisan shops in places like Kayhan Pazar, Irgandı Bridge, or Balibey Han. Or visit the souvenir and antique shops in the Yeşil neighborhood or in the central bazaar. Hand made goods like silk scarves, ebru painting, filography, ceramics and tiles, calligraphy, metal art, Ottoman-period antiques, and wool clothing make for interesting shopping.

Enjoy Bursa’s thermal springs at a spaor hamam. Bursa’svolcanic natural history has resulted in hot, mineral-rich springs that publicbath houses have tapped for centuries. Today, you can still take advantage of the therapeutic hot spring water at traditional hamams (Turkishbaths) or at modern spasscattered through out the city.

Walk through a museumor two. Bursa is hometo a number of neat little museums. Museums such as the City Museum, Archaeology Museum, Clothing and Jewelry Museum, Ottoman House Museum, Hünkar Köşkü, Atatürk House, Forestry Museum, Karagöz Museum, and other shighlight the human and natural history of the Bursa area. The recently opened Science and Technology Museum is well-done and interactive, while the Immigration Museum, Textile Industry Museum, and Energy Museum areall located at Merinos Center. Though most are not large, Bursa’s museumsare interesting and generally well curated. Evenour children enjoy visiting Bursa’s museums.

Discover Bursa’s natural areas.Even if you don’t make a trip up to the top of the mountain, the area around Bursa is home to some beautiful natural features. Enjoy beaches, forests, waterfalls, streams, caves, meadows, plateaus, and hidden little villages. Activities such as hiking, fishing, caving, camping, mountai neering, birding, swimming, sunbathing, and nature photography can all be enjoyed in the Bursa area.

Relax in a villagelikeGölyazı, Misi, Īnkaya, or Tirilye. An afternoon in a near by village is an afternoon well spent. Sipteaunder a sprawling, centuries-old plane tree in Īnkaya, eat gözleme at a stream side table in Misi, enjoy a lake side stroll in Gölyazı, or wander throug hancient winding village streets and alleys in the sea side village of Tirilye.

Take a day trip out to the ancient town of Īznik (Nicaea).This little lake side to wndates back we llin to the B.C. era and was a significant city in a number of kingdoms and empires, not to me ntion that it left an in delible mark on Western civilization. The city’sancient structures are not as well-preserved as other cities in Turkey, but three of the four gates and large portions of the city walls still stand. Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman ruinsares cattered about the town, the locally-produce dhand made pottery is beautiful, and a lake sides troll at sunset is definitely worth the while.

There are plenty of interesting things to do in Bursa while on holiday and while you’re in Bursa, be sure totry the city’s signature dish: Īskenderkebab.