Ephesus And Aegean Region Map



The Aegean Region


İzmir, Manisa, Aydın, Uşak, Muğla, Denizli, Afyon, Kütahya

The Aegean region is one of the four coastal regions found in Turkey. It is located in the western part of Turkey. The Aegean region has a climate similar to the Mediterranean region has but there are small differences in the scenery. Unlike the other coastal regions, this region has vertical mountains which cut directly into the sea. The vertical mountain corridors constitute coastline bays and coves. This region is wondrous for keen sailors, tourists, and boaters, however the Mediterranean Region looks more ideal for tourists and sailors. During your visit, you will find the most impressive shores and beaches, and the unique colour “Turquoise” of Aegean seas. The hidden silent coves and bays beckon for divers. You can explore its sunken and still remaining ancient ruins that tell us the history before modern amenities.

This region is the paradise which has breathtaking sky and climate and the birthplace of the Heredotus, who is “the father of history”. The Aegean Coast has rich agriculture and 5000-year-old history besides its breathtaking beauty. As soon as you reach this region, you will a have a breathtaking trip back in time of ancient Greece. You will be the witness of the history of the ancient Greek gods, Virgin Mary, Priene, Miletus, Temple of Apollo at Didim, The Temple of Athena – Assos, Pergmon and Sardis.

This region is covered with mostly cultivated and planted lands including fruits and vegetables which are the most important economical source of income in the Inner Western Anatolia. The most of Turkey’s tobacco and cotton production are provided from this region. In addition to all these, grape, olive and olive oil production provide domestic and special income for Turkey’s economy. 48 percent of the olive trees in Turkey are found in this region.

The Aegean Region awaits you to explore and discover its breathtaking history, nature and hospitality.

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