Mersin, an old settlement, is a region where people lived in ancient times according to archaeological excavation. Artifacts from the excavations at Yumuktepe near Mersin showed that people lived thousands of years ago in this region. It is determined that the castle located near Yumuktepe dates to at least 6 thousand years ago. It is considered to be the oldest historical monument in Anatolia. After the World War I, the French invaded Mersin. From 17 December 1918 to 4 January 1922, Mersin remained under French occupation for 3 years and 18 days. The French, who agreed with the Turkish Grand National Assembly government, were withdrawn. During the French occupation, the Armenians united this region.


Icel (Mersin) Museum, Silifke Atatürk Evi, Anamur Museum, Tarsus Museum, Cennet and Cehennem Dolines, Narlıkuyu Cave, Eshab-ı Kehf Cave, Tarsos, Neopolis, Krykos, Kilindra, Selevkeia and Anemurin. Mosque, Tarsus Mosque, Lal Agha Mosque, Erdemli, Silifke, Tarsus and Narlıkuyu Mosaic Museums.