The Mediterranean Region

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Adana, Antalya, Burdur, Hatay, Isparta, Mersin, Kilis, Osmaniye, Kahramanmaraş

The Mediterranean region is situated in the south of Turkey. It has borders with Aegean Region in the west, Central Anatolia in the north, and South East Anatolia in the east. It takes its name from the Mediterranean Sea. This region constitutes nearly a quarter of the total area of Turkey. This region amazes its visitors with its coastal and inland climate which are mild and hot even in winter time. During the summers the temperature sometimes exceeds 40 degrees Celsius. You hardly ever see the snow in the city centres and lower areas of this region. Some of the population still try to keep to their ancestors’ traditions, spending their summers on the cooler areas located in the Taurus Mountains or the plateaus.

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Besides its enormous history and art culture, this region was home to many ancient cultures such as Cilicia, Lycia, and Pamphylia. Nearly a century before the birth of Jesus Christ, the Roman Empire secured this region. Right along with Romans, there is ample evidence that Crusaders attempted to conquer on their way to Jerusalem. Around the 1400s, Ottoman Empire captured this region. Besides all these, this region hosts religious sights such as the birthplace of St. Nikolai widely known as Santa Clause, and the Antioch churches.

This region has many big cities as well as many touristic and historical sites. The most industrialized cities are Mersin, Adana, and Hatay. When you go further to the eastern part, you can taste the most famous ice cream all over the world, which is produced completely natural and traditional ways. When you go towards to western part of this region, you will reach Antalya, which is the touristic dynamo of the region and the country, hosting millions of foreign and local tourists every year.

Nearly one third of global tourism activities takes shape in this region. Despite dry summer months, agriculture has an important role in the region. Grapes, olives, and oranges constitute a large part of the agricultural activities. This region is also famous for the fact that it is the world’s most important vine-growing region. In this region, crops, wheat and barley are also planted. The fishing industry provides coastal population with a huge income. Lastly, natural gas and oil provide a huge amount of income for the country economy.

The Mediterranean Region makes your holiday dreams real. Come and visit this unique historical and natural region which is a piece from paradise.

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