Best Photography Spots in Istanbul

Istanbul is a photographer’s paradise. It is intricate: many cultures, crowded, different architectures
and religions. Here are some of our favorite spots:

For landscape

Shot from the top of Galata Tower at sunset. You can shoot panoramas from 360 degrees and the
view is magnificent. It’s best to arrive at the top of tower at least 30 minutes before sunset, so you’ll
have time to walk around and take up a nice shooting spot.

Maiden’s Tower from the Asian side of the Bosporus. If you go there by ferry, get off
at Üsküdar, walk towards the south along the sea for about 15 minutes and you’ll get a very good
view of the tower. You’ll need a tripod to shoot at night, since there are few convenient places to
place a camera.

Other beautiful places to shoot Istanbul are: Ortakoy Pier, Galata Bridge and the Suleymaniye

Lifestyle and Culture

Istiklal Cadessi: The most crowded street in Istanbul can be the perfect place for some shots. There is
live music, old trams, street food and millions of people. Amazing by day and night.

Eminonu: “Kadir Can: As a district, for me, it’s the historic peninsula; I just love shooting the
Unkapanı, Haliç and Eminönü areas because these are very lively places where there are so many
people. Not to mention the fact that I just love the historic fabric of these spots. I find I can see
people so clearly amongst all that historic backdrop, and I can always find something I was looking
for, so I love photographing those spots.”

Balat/Fener: A conservative area full of history. It’s usually ignored by tourists but has beautiful shots
to offer!


We found a video that illustrates perfectly the best attractions for taking pictures. Enjoy!